Now also in Valby!

Bastard Café Membership

kr. 150,00

Become a member for Bastard Cafe for only 150 Kr. The membership fee covers one year of membership, and grants you plus one friend access to more than 4000 games. Members also get a variety of discounts from us and our partners.

If you chose to renew your membership before it expires, it only costs 125 kr.

Next time you are in the café you can pick up your membership card by telling the bartender your name and/or your e-mail address

As a member you also get our monthly newsletter.

Want a discount? Become a member by purchasing Bastard Café Membership, or log in if you are a member.


If you want to gain access to ALL our more than 4000 games, we’ll ask you to support the Bastard Café by acquiring either a membership for the café for DKK 150,-

The membership is valid for you personally and you can bring a guest and it gives you a whole year of unlimited gaming.

The membership also gives the following discounts:

  • 40% discount on table reservations at Bastard Café.*
  • 10% discount when shopping board games in Bastard Café or in Fantask, Faraos Cigarer, Bræt & Brikker in Copenhagen (only valid in the physical stores and only when shopping board games)
  • Bring one extra person for free to ESCAPE ROOM by Midgaard Event

Most importantly: The membership number is the tie-breaker when a game ends tied (that is, after all tie-breakers in the game have been applied). Lowest membership number wins (let it not be said that we are not nepotistic).

*You need to have an active membership to get the discount. So buy the membership BEFORE you make the reservation, by making to separate orders. And you must be logged in with an active membership to get the discount.

PLEASE NOTE: The membership cannot be used as a gift (we will ask for your e-mail address, and our system may just spoil the surprise…)
If you want to give a membership as a gift, buy a gift card instead – then your friend can buy the membership with the gift card.