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Reservation – Bastard Café in Huset

You do not need a reservation before your visit to Bastard Café in Huset. We always welcome walk-ins and only half of our actual seats are bookable at all – the rest are always up for grabs. Do note that we get VERY busy in the weekends and evenings though, so if you want to make sure there is an available table, book ahead.

If 2 – 30* of you would like to guarantee a table then you can make a table booking here [Reservations can ONLY be done here on this web page. NOT by phone nor by mail].

Bookings include one (1) free drink** per person and free gaming.

75 DKK per adult

30 DKK per child (Ages 12 and younger).

If you have an active membership (and are logged in) there is a 40% discount on the entire booking fee. Get your membership (or renew it) here.

The booking lasts for 3 hours (your table might very likely be booked to another party when the time you booked it for is over, but if not, then you’re welcome to stay of course) and the latest a booking can start is at 20.00.


Book a guru

We often have volunteer game gurus helping everyone out with rules and game recommendations, but if you want to book a dedicated Game Guru exclusively for your group, this is possible. We recommend 1 Guru per 10 persons.

Guru Prices (min. 1 hour):

570 DKK per guru per hour (for non-members)

342 DKK per guru per hour (40% discount for members)

Please read more about dedicated gurus before booking here:


Read more about bookings (incl. a summary of the terms and conditions) here: The stuff in fine print.


You have the table for the entire 3 hours you have booked it for. If you show up after the end time, the table is most likely taken by someone else. 


Notice that it is not possible to make a booking for the same day. It has to be done before 23.00 the day before.


*For groups with a few more than 30 send us a mail on [email protected]


When you book, check if there are enough remaining seats, not only for the first half-hour, but for every half-hour of your 3 hour booking. If a half-hour is not listed, all seats for that half-hour have been taken. Yes, our current systems way of showing availability is super not intuitive. We are working on getting a better system. Sorry.

This is often the case for Friday, Saturday and Sunday the closer you get to the weekend before you book.


If you can’t choose a start time and/or an end time when booking or you get the message “This block cannot be booked”, (even though it looks like there are seats available) then you have to book for another time that day, for fewer people or an entirely other day. Because the 3 hour slot you’re trying to book has too few seats at some point.
If you get another error message, try to reload the web page or try in another browser.

Also: The booking form is EXTREMELY slow at the moment, but it works, just have patience. It can take up to 5 minutes before it shows the available times.
Sometimes it helps trying in another browser. Or yelling at the computer.

We are working on a solution. Sorry for the inconvenience.




Notice that it is not possible to make a booking for today. It has to be done before 23.00 the day before.

If you have further information or other requests please write a message. You can wish for a specific area in the café, but it’s not always we can guarantee it. Reservations that requires multiple tables will always be seated as close to each other as possible.

It is not possible to reserve specific games. All games are “First come, first served” (or “Først til mølle” in Danish).

Please write in English, if possible, since not all our bartenders speak fluent Danish yet.

Comments are read by the bartenders half an hour before the cafe opens on the day of the booking. If you have a question please mail it to [email protected]

If you want to add one or more gurus to your reservation, please choose how many and for how long below.
If you have any requests for the gurus, please write them in the Guru comment section below. Please notice you cannot request specific titles only what kind of games.
If the guru(s) must be able to talk Danish please write it in the comments (this does limit the available gurus we have).

Want a discount? Become a member by purchasing Bastard Café Membership, or log in if you are a member.



** a free drink is either a cup of tea or coffee, a bottle beer (Carlsberg or Tuborg Classic), a bottle of soda or lemonade, a muffin, or a cookie.

You can request to be seated a specific place in the café, but please be aware we can’t guarantee the exact spot. You will always be seated as close to each other as possible if more than one table is needed.


To get the membership discount you need to have an active membership to get the discount. So buy the membership BEFORE you make the reservation, by making to separate orders. And you must be logged in with an active membership to get the discount.


All reservations are binding. In case of cancelation, a reservation has to be canceled no later than the day before at 15.00, or else the booking fee is forfeit. Bookings for Sundays and Mondays the deadline is Friday (two/three days before) at 15.00.
See the confirmation mail on how to cancel.
However if you make or have a user profile, while making the booking you can login and cancel the reservation up to 11 hours before the booking starts. It’s free to make a user profile. A user profile and a membership are not the same (a membership requires a user profile though, which is made when the membership is being purchased).

Bookings made after the cancelation deadline are not possible to cancel.

Notice that it is not possible to make a booking for the same day. It has to be done before 23.00 the day before.

It is not possible to reserve a specific game for your reservation.


A booking lasts for 3 hours. If the table isn’t reserved after your stay, you can keep the table. However if you want to be sure to have the table for more than 3 hours you can make additional bookings. However if you do, make sure to write a comment for the bartenders that you have made more bookings. And do this for all bookings, if not you risk the bartenders don’t see the connection between the bookings and might place the bookings on different tables.
And yes, additional bookings give additional drink vouchers.


Bookings for over 30 people cannot be made without agreement from the Bastard Café. If two or more bookings for the same group exceed 30 people without agreement from the Bastard Café all of the bookings will be cancelled and the booking fees are forfeit. Please write an email to [email protected] and ask if it’s possible to book for more than 30 on your selected date.


Gurus booked with one days notice (or two for Friday to Sunday), will most likely not be found in time.
In general we cannot always guarantee a guru, but the earlier you book, the greater the chance there is for us to find a guru. If we don’t succeed in getting a guru you will be reimbursed the guru fee.


The latest a booking can start is 20.00 and the latest it can end is 23.00. However if you know you cannot make it at 20.00 you can write in the comments to the bartenders when you arrive. You still have to pay for the whole booking (20.00-23.00). You can of course stay after 23.00 until we close if you want.


If you want to add 1 or more people to your booking (in a total of maximum 30 people), then make an extra reservation here on this page. Remember to write in the comments that the extra booking belongs to your other booking. Write: ‘Belongs to “booker’s name”‘s booking.’
This has to be done before 23.00 the day before and can only be done if there are available seats.

In case you find out on the day of the booking after the deadline that you want to add people, you can call the bartenders at +45 42 74 66 42 (press 2) and ask them if there are extra seats at your table (most tables have an even number of seats). When you arrive, pay for the extra person(s).
If no extra seats are available this last-minute booking cannot be done.


If you want to remove people from the reservation, then forward the confirmation mail to [email protected] no later than the day before at 15.00 and Friday at 15.00 for Sunday and Monday bookings, otherwise we will not see it in time.


If you want to change the time or date, then forward the confirmation mail to [email protected] no later than the day before at 15.00 and Friday at 15.00 for Sunday and Monday bookings, otherwise we will not see it in time.
Notice that this can only be done if if there are available seats the date and/or time.


If you are running late or you want to check (outside office hours) that we have your reservation you can call the bartenders at +45 42 74 66 42 (press 2).
The bartenders CANNOT make new reservations or alter existing reservations.


We do not offer special packages or deals on bookings. All food and beverages must be ordered and paid for in the bar.

You can however get 40% discount on the booking if you have an active membership (and are logged in) when you book. Get your membership here:
The discounted price is first shown when the reservation is added to the cart.


Lost password
If you have lost your password you can retrieve it here: (use your email that you signed up with on the web page or in the bar).


Additional questions?
If you have any questions you need an answer for before you book, please send an email to [email protected]

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