Our Events

Whether you are looking to meet some new people, learn a new game or play something serious, Bastard Café has you covered with our events. All our events are always free to attend and have some of our gurus there to help teach you the rules or set you up with other players.

Scheduled Events

We have a bunch of regular events, organised by our volunteer game gurus. Most of these events take place Mondays through Wednesdays. Find them in our event calendar on Facebook.

Special Events

From time to time we have speciel events like a release of a new game or something other board game related events. If you have a public board game event you think fits to have in the café then contact us at event@bastardcafe.dk and we will see if we can make something happen.

Bastard to Go

If you want to get some of our Gurus with a pile of games to your event outside the café, please contact us to hear more at event@bastardcafe.dk. We have experience of attending festivals, opening parties, football celebrations and more. We can bring the fun to you.

Private events

For private events up to 30 people, please go to our reservation page  and make a reservation. Private events over 30 people is unfortunately not possible at the café.