Essen Spiel



It’s an unique opportunity to travel with a bunch of super cozy nerds from Zealand, Jutland, Funen and the Moon – no, we don’t all know one another (yet).


The world’s largest trade fair for board games (including a few stands of live roleplay stuff and comics). Halls and more halls filled with games, games and more games! A lot of newly released games, and game developers from all over the world.


EVERY game designer worth mentioning will be there, as will almost EVERY publisher.


You can play all the new games, supervised by the designers. And you can pick up 6,000,000 promos, and have your purchases signed.


Board games at crazy low prices; new games at 25-50 euro, ‘old games’ (meaning not from this year) at 5-30 euro.


Rich opportunities to eat, play games, crawl pubs and have fun with your fellow travellers.


See more on SPIEL’s web page or on SPIEL 19’s Facebook Page.





As people come from everywhere in the country, we are not organizing a joint transport to Essen. If you arrive by plane it’s easiest to book to Dusseldorf and from there a train that runs to Essen Hbf (it’s a short ride and not that expensive).

It’s possible to coordinate and get input on cheap travel via this Facebook event. If you find cheap flights, please share them.


If you would like to travel with other Bastards, “the official Bastard departure which the majority of the people take” is:

CPH -> DUS (SAS): Wed. Oct 23 – 2019 departure 16:50

DUS -> CPH (SAS): Sun. Oct. 27 – 2019 departure 15:55

The return price for this is at the moment (mar 2019) about 1550 DKK


It’s also possible to travel by train (book via Deutche Bahns own website, it’s usually cheaper than DSB) or Flixbus (veeeery cheap, but takes 15+ hours and you have to change in Hamburg).



The Bastard tour to Essen is NOT a carefully planned scouting trip where we all go hand in hand together. Bastard Café is (apart from being a place where you can play games), also a loosely connected community of people with the same passion for board games – we might create the framework, but you create the experiences. This tour is similarly organized. This means that you can select what you wish to participate in, and nobody expects that you must participate in all common meals, or that we should go together (this is also impossible at the fair). Choose what you like and go with the flow.



The SPIEL 2019 fair opens on Thursday the 24 October and closes on Sunday 27 October. We have made ​​it possible to get there already on Tuesday and go home on Monday. Traditionally, the vast majority of Bastards will arrive on Wednesday and go home on Sunday.



There is a sign-up fee of 250 DKK if you are a member of Bastard café, or 400 DKK if you are not. In the registration, you can choose to join the Bastard Café if you are not already a member (one year membership costs 150 DKK and provides various advantages which are detailed in our homepage). If you choose to become a new member you will receive your Bastard Café membership card upon arrival at the hotel (if you want/need it earlier, mail



Hotel is “Motel One Essen” at Kennedy Platz in Essen. It’s in the middle of the city and close to the Ubahn. We have been at the hotel many years and it is of good standard. We have booked a few single rooms and a lot of double rooms (note: with a double bed – you share this with someone else. Twin bed option is not available).

IMPORTANT NOTE: You DO NOT pay us for the hotel, but you pay the hotel separately on arrival. This might seem a hassle, but it’s done to save you money. Signup is binding nevertheless (if you do not show up, the hotel charges us the loss and we then charge you).



Saturday evening you have the opportunity to participate in our large Bastard Dinner which will take place at restaurant “Noori” in Essen, since they have a super sushi and other asian stuff buffet (ordered on an iPad) and can provide good quality foods and speedy service at the same time. It will be epic. Select this if you want to participate, so we know about how many seats we have to reserve (food and drinks are paid for separately).




The Bastard Text News Service: Sign up for updates with news, events, good “finds” at the fair and other info we find relevant.

It’s free and sent to you mobile during the trip (during the trip this will be our main way of communication and we will not use your number for anything else). Requires you fill out your phone number.


The Pap Van (150 DKK): If you buy an awful lot of games, it may be difficult to have them all in your flight luggage. Luckily, we have a solution if you live in Copenhagen. We drive a big van down there that you can fill with your purchased games. The van will then return to Copenhagen with all your board games, which you can pick up at Bastard Café from Tuesday the 30 October. This costs 150 DKK per person using the service (the van needs rent and gasoline to function). We’ll supply you with a big handy cardboard box to have your games in.


Messe ticket (280 DKK): A four day ticket to the fair. If you choose this, you can avoid the queue outside the fair. Do NOT select this option if you are a student, because you can get it even cheaper at the fair itself (remember your student card). The ticket will be handed out at the hotel.


Cosy small dinners: If you want you can sign up for having dinner with 9 others at a restaurant Wednesday, Thursday and/Friday. Read more and sign up here: Deadline for signing up for these dinners is Monday the 7th October. The sign up form is Danish.


All prices incl. Danish VAT and any possible profit from the tour go to buy shitloads of new games for the Bastard Café collection. Well, there’s actually no profit, since we use tons of hours organizing the trip, but what the hell. It’s fun.


Further questions? Send us an email and we will respond as quickly as we can: