Now also in Valby!

Games’n’Gurus To Go

If you want us to send one or more game gurus with a pile of games to your place or work and make an awesome board game event, then fill out the form below and we send you an offer.

You don’t have to know everything in details right now, but filling the form with what you know right now is a good start. We will discuss the details to make the perfect event for you.

If you accept the offer, we will send you the invoice to the email you type in below if nothing else is agreed upon.

It is possible to pay with EAN, but there is a fee on 400 DKK ex. VAT to do so.

What do I get?

We will send one or more game gurus, with enough games for you entire group plus some extra games so you have something to choose from. We have a set of mixed games we bring that can accommodate most people, but it can be altered to match your wishes* of games. The gurus know the rules to the games** and will explain them so you don’t have to worry about not knowing the games.

The guru(s) will arrive half an hour before the event starts to set up the games on display so you easy can see what games to chose from and leave again about half an hour after the event after packing down the games.

What should I provide?

A venue for the event. Tables and chairs enough for the participants and one or more tables for the games to be displayed on

* We can’t guarantee exact titles you might wish, but we’ll do our best to bring something similar.

** There can be a few titles the gurus don’t know the rules for, but don’t worry. There will be enough games for you to choose from.

Fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.