When you book, check if there are enough remaining seats, not only for the first half-hour, but for every half-hour of your 3 hour booking. If a half-hour is not listed, all seats for that half-hour have been taken. Yes, our current systems way of showing availability is super not intuitive. We are working on getting a better system. Sorry.

This is often the case for Friday, Saturday and Sunday the closer you get to the weekend before you book.

If you can’t choose a start time and/or an end time when booking or you get the message “This block cannot be booked”, (even though it looks like there are seats available) then you have to book for another time that day, for fewer people or an entirely other day. Because the 3 hour slot you’re trying to book has too few seats at some point.
If you get another error message, try to reload the web page or try in another browser.

The booking form is EXTREMELY slow at the moment, but it works, just have patience. It can take up to 5 minutes before it shows the available times.
Sometimes it helps trying in another browser.

We are working on a solution. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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