You do not need a reservation before your visit to Bastard Café. We always welcome walk-ins. 

But if 2 – 30* of you would like to guarantee a table then you can make a table booking here [Reservations can ONLY be done here on this web page. NOT by phone nor by mail].

Bookings include one (1) free drink* per person and free gaming.

25 DKK pr hour per adult

10 DKK per hour per child (Ages 12 and younger).

If you have an active membership (and are logged in) there is a 40% discount on the booking fee. Get your membership (or renew it) here.

Minimum 3 hours and maximum 6 hours (your table might very likely be booked to another party when the time you booked it for is over, but if not, then you’re welcome to stay of course)

Read more about bookings (incl. a summary of the terms and conditions) here: The stuff in fine print.


We reserve the rights to give the table away if you are more than 15 minutes late. In this case the booking fee is forfeit. 

Notice that if you make a booking for the same day, this has to be made no later than 13.00 on the day (after 13.00 you’ll only be able to reserve tables for coming days) and at least 7 hours before the booking should start. If you can’t choose an end time when booking, then you have to book for another day.

*For groups with a few more than 30 send us a mail on

If you have further information or other requests please write a message. You can wish for a specific area in the café, but it’s not always we can guarantee it. Reservations that requires multiple tables will always be seated as close to each other as possible.

Please write in English, if possible, since not all our bartenders speak fluent Danish yet.

Comments are read by the bartenders half an hour before the cafe opens on the day of the booking. If you have a question please mail it to

Want a discount? Become a member by purchasing Bastard Café Membership or IGOR Plushie, or log in if you are a member.





* a free drink is either a cup of tea or coffee, a bottle beer (Carlsberg or Tuborg Classic), a bottle of soda or lemonade, a muffin, or a cookie.

You can request to be seated a specific place in the café, but please be aware we can’t guarantee the exact spot. You will always be seated as close to each other as possible if more than one table is needed.

All reservations are binding. In case of cancelation, a reservation has to be canceled no later than the day before at 14.00, or else the booking fee is forfeit. Bookings for Sundays the deadline is Friday (two days before) at 14.00.

Bookings made after the cancelation deadline are not possible to cancel.

Notice that if you make a booking for the same day, this has to be made no later than 13.00 on that day.


It is not possible to reserve a specific game for your reservation.


If you have any questions you need an answer for before you book, please send an email to


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