Top Trumps Quiz: Friends

Number of players
2 - 2 players
Average duration
30 mins.
No complexity set.
Bookcase #505
Shelf #3


Take a trip back to Manhattan and test your knowledge of Central Perk’s six favorite regulars, with 500 hilarious and fiendish questions on one of television’s most beloved and popular sitcoms in this special edition of Top Trumps Quiz – Friends! With questions on Phoebe, Chandler, Janice, Gunther and Ugly Naked guy, you can revisit all your favorite characters and unforgettable moments in this comprehensive set.

Could Top Trumps BE any more quizzical?!
Entertaining card game loved for bringing your six favourite Friends to life – I KNOW!
500 captivating questions that will test your knowledge, memory and sense of “unagi”
Easy-to-carry plastic case means there are no limits on gameplay – no pivots required
How you doin’? Outsmart your opponents, discover BRAND NEW INFORMATION and duel your way to becoming the Top Trump!

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