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Alternatives to Trivial Pursuit

Quiz and trivia, and the know-it-all with lucky dice isn’t always the winner…

  • Bezzerwizzer

    Bezzerwizzer is a quiz game from Denmark. It contains 5000 questions (English version has 3000 questions) from 20 categories. It takes its name from the german ‘Besserwisser’ meaning “know-it-all”. On your turn players draw the category tiles from a bag and sort them on their player board according to their knowledge. If you know the […]

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  • Blondinen & Nørden

    Quiz game for two teams with two sets of questions, each with a separate scoring track. Win by correctly answering 12 “blonde” questions or 7 “nerd” questions first. Blondinen & Nørden (The Blonde & the Nerd) is an entertaining game for anyone who loves to quiz. The rules are simple and quick to learn. If […]

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  • Vinspillet

    The Idea with “Vinspillet” is that the players in a fun and entertaining way get knowledge about French wine. Players role a die and move on a map of France. The players can buy chateaus when landing on one, if you land on another players chateau you have to pay him/her money buying a cask […]

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  • Danmark Rundt

    Each player gets 16 Danish cities/towns to visit: 6 cities that all have to visit and 10 random cities/towns. To move around, roll a die and move the rolled number of dots unless you roll a six, in which case you draw a question card. If you answer the question correctly, you get to move […]

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  • Popkult

    Popkult is a swedish pop cultural trivia game where you answer questions in several categories to be the first to reach Hollywood. During your turn you pick question cards from your hand and may assign questions to any other player. There are also event cards that can be used to move forward, force pick up […]

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  • Danmark-spillet

    The board is a map of Denmark complete with cities, airlines and ferry routes. You plan visiting 16 cities and during your trip you answer questions about the country. The Winner is whoever completes the journey first.

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