We Will Wok You

Number of players
2 - 4 players
Average duration
40 mins.
Shelf #293


In the tactical card game We Will Wok You, you must provide delicious dishes for the visitors at a wok music festival. However, some dastardly thief has stolen your ingredients! You need to replace them and come up with new dishes as soon as possible…

At the start of the game, players lay out 12-18 wok cards which show the dishes they can make or the special powers available to them in the kitchen. Lay out four lines of ingredient cards, with three cards each in the top two rows and two cards each in the bottom two rows; place six coin cards next to the top two rows, and four coins next to the bottom two rows. Each player starts with three coin cards in hand. On a turn, a player either:

Takes one coin card from one of the two rows of coin cards.
Buys all the ingredients in a row by paying however many coins lie next to that row.
Takes a wok card by playing ingredient cards with four matching symbols onto the table in front of you.

When you take a coin, you reduce the cost to buy the ingredient cards in the two adjacent rows; when you buy ingredients, you place the coins used on the appropriate coin row next to the ingredients, raising the cost for future purchases. You also replace the ingredients with two or three cards from the deck as appropriate. When both ingredient rows next to a coin row are empty, each player takes one final turn, then the game ends.

Players then see which woks score for them: Some score the listed number of points; some require you to play a combination of ingredients onto them (whether from your ingredient cards on the table or those in your hand) in order to score anything; some score for each ingredient of a certain type or two placed onto them; and some score only for cards from your hand. The “men at wok” cards provide special abilities, boosting the points scored for certain types of woks, or allowing you to substitute one ingredient for another on one wok card, or transforming a wok into a fixed number of points with no ingredients required. Whoever has the most points wins.

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