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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse – Spillet om filmen

Type Game
Number of players 2 - 8 players
Average duration 60 mins.
Complexity Low
Bookcase: 503 Shelf: 1


Enter Into the world of the Twilight Saga

It all begins with a choice. Which path will you choose? Make your choice, then collect Friends, movie scene cards, and face the Newborn army! The more you know about the Twilight Saga: Eclipse and your friends the better your chance of winning.

Players take turns moving around in the world of the Twilight Saga. Each space on the board is part of a scene, and each space offers a challenge, either a trivia question about “Eclipse” or a strategy question (which can be a dice challenge, a voting challenge or a visualization/memory challenge). Successfully completing a challenge allows the player to collect that scene. The first player to collect all eight scenes wins!

Along their way to collecting all eight scenes, players will have to collect either Quileute or Cullen friends to help them defeat Newborn vampires. Players can also collect special Story cards to help them defeat challenges, or use Fast Movement spaces to move quickly from scene to scene.

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