SuperMark Bygger Hus

Number of players
2 - 5 players
Average duration
30 mins.
No complexity set.
Bookcase #13
Shelf #3


A card game for children and others, 5 years and up. You’re trying to build a play house by drawing cards from the other players, but avoiding the “Ouch, my finger!” cards.

On your turn, you choose to either

a) draw a building card from another player’s hand into your own hand. If you draw an “Ouch, my finger!” card, you discard that and your entire hand of building cards to the bottom of the draw pile.

b) play a subgame where you place one of your tool cards face down and say “Tool”. All other players will now also place one of their tool cards face down, and then everybody reveals their chosen tool. The active player will draw a building card from the draw pile, if at least one other player has chosen a different tool. Each of the other players will draw a card, if they chose the same tool as the active player.

At the end of your turn you win by having all four different building cards in your hand. Otherwise play passes to the next player.

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