Number of players
2 - 6 players
Average duration
20 mins.
Bookcase #101
Shelf #2


A simple push-your-luck game card game for kids. To win, you must collect all 6 ingredients necessary to make chocolate; the witches are hoarding the recipe and trying to stop you.

The deck (F.X Schmid) has 65 cards : 22 witches (red) and 43 (green) ingredients. There are 6 kinds of ingredients. On your turn, flip cards from the deck until you either:
– draw a witch: discard all cards revealed this turn; end of turn
– decide to stop flipping: add the revealed cards to your collection

The first player to collect all 6 ingredients wins. If no one has 6 after the deck is exhausted, the person with the most different ingredients wins. Duplicates are irrelevant, except in a variant (suggested for if playing with many players) where you allow trading.

The Ravensburger editions contain 60 cards : 20 witches (red) and 40 ingredients (green).

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