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Mask of Moai

Published 2017
Type Game
Number of players 2 - 6 players
Average duration 60 mins.
Complexity Low
Shelf: 922


Mask of Moai is a cooperative game in which Virtual Reality (VR) is used. Insert a free application installed Smartphone into the Moai shaped VR goggles !
By wearing the VR goggles, a view of the interior of the temple will be shown.

Explain the scenery you have seen to your team members and create a map of the temple. Lurking inside the temple there are three strange creatures named Rapa Rapas. The person who finds a Rapa Rapa must try to remember its appearance and create its shape with clay. The clay Rapa Rapas will be moved on the map when the answer is checked.

The game is won if the map is correct and the Rapa Rapas are gathered in one place to be rescued.

A smartphone is required to play this game.

A long time ago a people called the Moai has been living in a region in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. They worshipped sacred animals called Rapa Rapas. However, due to a crustal movement, their land sank into the ocean. Only Rapa Nui (Easter Island) was left. The surviving Moai conducted bloody wars to get in control of the limited remaining land and the civilization fell into decline. Facing this sad situation, some of the Moai decided to leave their homeland, venturing into space, seeking for new grounds to live…..
In AD 20XX, descendants of these Moai astronauts have returned to our planet to investigate their ancestry. They are convinced of the presence of Rapa Rapa’s, sleeping in an ancient Moai temple on the bottom of the ocean. You will become a member of the Moai expedition team. Look into the ruin and complete the map to guide the Rapa Rapas out of the temple. Gather them in one place to take them up into the UFO. However:.., a lot of energy has been consumed to return to Earth. There is just enough left for a single attempt to gather the Rapa Rapas and to take them into space……

20 Submerged Tiles,10 Land Tiles, 60 Wall Pieces (6 Colors, 10 Each), 20 Connection Pieces, 6 View Markers, 3 Emergency Time Markers, 1 Rapa Rapa Marker, 5 Rapa Rapa Face Markers, 1 Clay, 6 Rule Cards, 6 Hint Cards, 12 Challenge Cards, 1 Mask of Moai

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