Number of players
1 - 5 players
Average duration
Shelf #298


Build your Nigerian home regardless of tribe or religion and be the first to do that if you want to win. The story behind Homia is that Nigeria is a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-religious country and the player must create a family regardless of the culture or religion. It’s designed to be easy to play. You choose a family and build the family.

Homia is a Memory-style game, where you look at a face down card and try to remember what kind it is. Until you find a homestead tile (also called a “family pad”), you will only memorize where the various tiles are, and put them back face down on the table. Once you finally discover a family pad, you take it into your area. The family pad has various symbols that represent different parts of a household, such as fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, and pets. The color of the symbol tells you what kind of other cards you will need to complete your family pad. If your family pad has a green symbol, for example, you need to collect one “father” (green background) card to add to your family pad. If there are three yellow symbols on the family pad card, it means he has three daughters, so you’ll need to find three of the “daughter” (yellow background) cards to complete your family. If you have a good memory of the cards you looked at before finding your family pad, it will be much easier to find the members of the household required to complete your family pad. Whoever completes their family pad first is the winner!

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