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Evil Dead 2: The Board Game

Published 2020
Type Game
Number of players 3 - 6 players
Average duration 60 mins.
Complexity Medium
Bookcase: 203 Shelf: 4


Admin’s note: This listing is for the 2020 release of a licensed design from Jasco Games and is not related to the 2016 Kickstarter campaign for a game of a similar name that never delivered to backers.

Evil Dead 2: The Boardgame is a wild romp through the cult classic film. Players fend off Deadites, search the cabin for items and Necronomicon pages, and attempt to close the portal before evil is unleashed upon the world. But beware! You can’t trust everyone, and at a moment’s notice you might find that your allies are working for evil.

—description from the publisher

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