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Dreaming Spires

Published 2014
Type Game
Number of players 3 - 5 players
Average duration 90 mins.
Complexity No complexity set.
Bookcase: 83 Shelf: 2


Lead an Oxford college from the medieval era through to the modern day. The eccentric characters and tumultuous events of Oxford’s history are brought to life in cards, featuring original illustrations, famous quotes and amusing written accounts.

In Dreaming Spires, players each build a college of Oxford University out of building tiles placed according to simple rules. Tiles display whole icons and half and quarter icons, which can be placed next to one another to complete whole ones. These icons represent the benefits of your college: Beauty, Academics, Status and Sociability.

Famous men and women of Oxford can be admitted to your college if it has the relevant benefits to attract them. These scholars can be used to increase the reputation of your college directly in their subjects but also indirectly using their unique special abilities.

Each turn there is an historical event pitting the colleges against one another in various activities for a reward. The winner becomes Chancellor and leads play for the following turn.

The college, which has the greatest reputation at the end of the game is the winner. This is calculated from the scoreboard with an innovative scoring system that leaves ample room for different strategies to succeed and keeps everyone in with a chance till the end!

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