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Bloody Nights

Published 2015
Type Game
Number of players 1 - 6 players
Average duration 60 mins.
Complexity Medium
Shelf: 883


Noches de Sangre (Bloody Nights) is a semi-cooperative card game in which players have to survive a vampire attack over thirty nights.

Each turn, players will be able to pick up some items to be stronger, rescue survivors to join their team, find food for feeding them and even get inside new buildings for searching new adventures! But take care of your belongings, the world is full of pickpockets…

After player’s turn, vampires will attack the group, so be ready! Roll a d6 and try to hit them as strong as you can. If you fail, be prepared to suffer consequences…

Surviving until the sun comes out is not enough: the one who rescued more people will be the winner. Who will it be?

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