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Dexterity games

Games that require a steady hand and mind.


    The KLASK game board is shaped like a ball field with two deep holes functioning as goals in each end of the field. In the middle of the field, three white magnetic pieces serve as “obstacles” – do NOT attract them to your own gaming piece! Your gaming piece is a black magnet. You control […]

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  • Kabuto Sumo

    Spring time in Japan means the return of the rhinoceros beetles — “Kabutomushi”, which is Japanese for “helmet bug” — and their athletic contests of dominance. Out in the wild, you can find them butting heads trying to show off their strength and impress their insect friends with their wrestling skills. This is the origin […]

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  • Crokinole

    Crokinole is a traditional dexterity game. Crokinole is played on a circular wooden board, with wooden circular disks as playing pieces. Players take turns shooting disks across the circular wooden board by flicking the disks with their fingers. Players try to land their disks in scoring regions on the board, with the highest scoring area […]

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  • Junk Art

    In Junk Art, players are presented with junk from which they must create art. Thus the name. Junk Art contains more than ten game modes, along with more than sixty big colorful wooden or plastic components. In one version of the game, players pile all of the wooden or plastic parts in the center of […]

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  • Kluster

    Kluster is a dexterity game for 1 to 4 players, very short, easy to transport, incredibly fun, really simple, accessible to everyone and still full of strategy! Kluster’s rules can be explain in no time: Magnetic stones are equally shared between players, who must, in turn, place one stone inside the area delimited by the […]

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  • Bandu

    Players take turns choosing blocks and giving them to each other to place on their structure. A player may pay a certain number of ‘beans’ to refuse a block and it gets passed to the next player. When a player’s structure falls, they are out of the game. Last player standing wins. Description of Bandu […]

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  • Dungeon Fighter

    Explore spooky dungeons, find glorious treasure, buy powerful magic items, and challenge the most horrible creatures. Will your party be able to defeat the final boss? In Dungeon Fighter, a fully cooperative board game, players take on the roles of heroes venturing deep into a three-tier dungeon. Along the way, they explore the dungeon, search […]

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  • Toire o Yogoshita nowa Dareda?

    User summary トイレを汚ã—ãŸã®ã¯èª°ã ? (Toire o Yogoshita nowa Dareda) in English means ‘Who Soiled the Toilet?’ Who Soiled the Toilet? is a deduction game with hidden identities. The game box is 15cm round, not square. The game is published in Japanese with rules available in English, German and French. At beginning of the game, each player […]

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  • Hand-to-Hand Wombat

    To play Hand-to-Hand Wombat, you’re each given a secret identity as a Good Wombat or a Bad Wombat, then everyone closes their eyes. Good wombats build towers; Bad Wombats try to mess with those towers. After the timer is up, everyone opens their eyes and discusses, argues, and votes on who they think is a […]

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    The lunch break is almost there and all of the young penguins would finally get the fish they’ve been craving. However, some rascals think they are quick enough to snatch some of the fish before the lunch break starts, but they have forgotten one thing – the Hall Monitor! Each school day one of the […]

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  • Super Rhino!

    Super Rhino! presents players with an incredibly heroic – and regrettably heavy – rhinoceros who is eager to climb a tall building and leap other tall buildings in a single bound. First, though, you need to construct that building. Players each start the game with five roof cards, and they take turns adding walls and […]

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  • My Very First Games: Rhino Hero Junior

    Rhino Hero Junior is a superhero in training who aims high. In three different games, the children practice their fine motor skills, work on a basic understanding of numbers and quantities, and also train their memories. Floor by floor, the fun and learning curve just gets steeper and steeper, until the heroic rhino reaches the […]

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