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Children’s games that are also fun for their grownups

You will all have things to think about in the game.

  • Dragomino

    The big moment has arrived. You have been named “dragon trainer”, and you have the chance to meet them on a mysterious island. But you are not the only trainer sent to these lands. Who among you will discover the most baby dragons? Dragomino features gameplay similar to Kingdomino, but with gameplay suitable for younger […]

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  • Kingdomino

    In Kingdomino, you are a lord seeking new lands in which to expand your kingdom. You must explore all the lands, including wheat fields, lakes, and mountains, in order to spot the best plots, while competing with other lords to acquire them first. The game uses tiles with two sections, similar to Dominoes. Each turn, […]

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  • Dobble

    Spot it!, a.k.a. Dobble, is a simple pattern recognition game in which players try to find an image shown on two cards. Each card in original Spot it! features eight different symbols, with the symbols varying in size from one card to the next. Any two cards have exactly one symbol in common. For the […]

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  • Block Ness

    The Block Ness monsters are finally sticking their heads out of the water…but it looks like the lake isn’t big enough for everyone! In Block Ness, players take turns choosing a monster segment from their reserve and using it to increase the length of their creature on the Loch game board. Each new segment must […]

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  • MicroMacro: Crime City – All In

    With MicroMacro: Crime City – All In, the next district of the crime-ridden black-and-white metropolis Crime City now opens up for the players. On a new, huge city map, which seamlessly follows the previous plans, 16 tricky crime cases are again waiting to be solved by one to four amateur detectives. These are brand new […]

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  • MicroMacro: Crime City – Full House

    Crimes have taken place all over the city, and you want to figure out exactly what’s happened, so you’ll need to look closely at the giant city map (75 x 110 cm) to find all the hidden information and trace the trails of those who had it in for their foes. MicroMacro: Crime City – […]

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  • Myretuen

    The goal is to capture enemy ants to get parts of the ant queen that are pictured on the bottom of the pieces. All ants are magnetic and if the piece that you try to capture repels from your piece that piece captures you instead. Move your 14 ants around on the dice roll, come […]

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  • Takenoko

    A long time ago at the Japanese Imperial court, the Chinese Emperor offered a giant panda bear as a symbol of peace to the Japanese Emperor. Since then, the Japanese Emperor has entrusted his court members (the players) with the difficult task of caring for the animal by tending to his bamboo garden. In Takenoko, […]

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  • Poo Poo Pets

    In Poo Poo Pets, all players roll their dice at the same time, trying to roll the number combinations shown on the other players’ tiles. As soon as a player does this, they quickly squeeze the squeaky poo pile. All players must pause to see whether the combination is correct, and if it is, the […]

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  • Tales & Games: The Hare & the Tortoise

    The Hare & the Tortoise, originally published as Royal Turtle, is a card-driven betting game about animal racing loosely based on one of Aesop’s Fables. At the start of a race, each player secretly bets on up to two of five animals: turtle, rabbit, lamb, wolf and fox. One animal is chosen at random for […]

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  • The Magic Labyrinth

    The little magician apprentices have lost some magic objects inside of the master’s maze. Now they try to collect them before the Master notices anything. However, in the maze there are invisible walls and only one of the missing objects is revealed at a time. So they have to make their way through the maze […]

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  • Den Fortryllede Labyrint

    Labyrinth (formerly The aMAZEing Labyrinth) has spawned a whole line of Labyrinth games. The game board has a set of tiles fixed solidly onto it; the remaining tiles that make up the labyrinth slide in and out of the rows created by the tiles that are locked in place. One tile always remains outside the […]

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