Now also in Valby!

Bastard Café To Go

Do we ever take gaming beyond the walls of the café? Yes we do. We have been at Roskilde Festival in ‘Dream City’ (a chilled part of the camping area) – it has been hugely popular and helped us on our quest to infect the world with boardgaming, we have also attended Copenhell (Denmarks largest metal music festival) and other conventions.

Apart from that we’re sometimes doing board game events around Copenhagen (and beyond) for companies, libraries, organisations and everything in between.

Does this mean that I can get you to come and introduce games at my place?


If you’re an employee organising a game day at your company, an eccentric millionaire wanting to do a unique game event on top of Mount Everest or just a guy/girl with a great idea, then request Games’n’Gurus To Go by filling out the form found here: and let’s hear about it. At the moment we’re super busy building up the café at Huset-KBH, so we can’t promise that we have the time. But you never know – we’ll do what we can to help you out.