A game about quickly grabbing creatures that are totally different, and watching out for turnips.

Number of players
2 - 3 players
Average duration
4 mins.
No complexity set.


A speed/dexterity game that is about finding creatures that do NOT match.

Starting with all the cards face-down, players quickly flip over a card, which they may put into one hand as the first card in their stack. (You may flip another card if you wish.)

Everyone rushes to flip cards and find totally different creature – each card in your stack must be TOTALLY DIFFERENT to the one before – a different number of eyes, mouths, arms/wings/tentacles, and legs.

You may grab turnips – totally different to any creature! But if you have more than 5, you lose.

The game ends when everyone has grabbed as many cards as they can.

Pass your cards left to be checked. If you had 2 cards in a row that are similar, or more than 5 turnips, you lose.

Otherwise, the person with the most cards wins.

Grabbell reimplementation suggested by David Brain.

Turnip idea heavily inspired by Andrew Beardsley.

—description from the designer

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