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The Bastard Café got games…lots of them

We’ve got new games, old games, dice games, card games, party games, strategic games and quite a few games with sheep in them. They all have just two things in common: They’re far from digital…and quite possibly just the thing you’ve been waiting for to take your mind of your humdrum adult life.

But I don’t know the rules for all the games I want to try

Fear not! You can pop by any day and learn new games, but on most days there will be friendly volunteer Game Gurus around to help you get started. Often some of the other guests will also step in with some rules help (yes…we have absolutely 100 percent wonderfully helpful guests). So you don’t need to know any rules at all. All you need is an appetite for fun and games.

What does it cost and what do I get?

It’s always free to pop by the café and hang out and drink coffee, beer or just to chill. There will also be lots of great games you can play for free.

But if you want to gain access to ALL our more than 2400 games, we’ll ask you to support the Bastard Café by acquiring either a membership for the café for DKK 150,- or pay a one-person-one-day fee DKK 25,-

We also have a small selection of games for sale.

The membership is valid for both you personally AND a guest, and gives you a whole year of unlimited gaming.

Kids under 12 years of age play for free if accompanied by an adult.

The membership also gives discounts:

Most importantly: The membership number is the tie-breaker when a game ends tied (that is, after all tie-breakers in the game have been applied).

Our app

Bastard Café has an app. In it you can find all our games, their placement on our shelves and their complexity level:

Our games

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