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You do not need to make a reservation to play games at Bastard Café. Just pop by. We have lots of free games and some that cost a bit. So only read on if you are planning an event or gettogether that needs, well, more planning than “just show up and see what happens”.

Notice that if you make a reservation request, this has to be made at least 7 days in advance and please allow us up till 7 days to confirm you request.

At Bastard Café we run a first come, first-seated basis regarding table space. You never need to book in advance to get a table. Just swing by and see look for one. Or check out which are our busy hours on Google first to get an idea of how easy it will be to find a table. We never reserve more than 20% of the tables to keep the place as open as possible for walk-ins, but we are indeed a busy place. Especially in weekends. So apply patience or show up earlier than you think.

However, a lot of our guests ask us about making reservation, so we now accept a very limited number of reservations for groups of four or more. Just fill out the form below and send us your request.

Reservations cost 80 DKK pr. person Mon-Thu and 100 DKK Fri-Sun and holidays (60/80 DKK if the booker is a member)* and includes:

  • Seating and free gaming all day
  • Option for a tab for the whole party**
  • Option for a dedicated Game Guru

Price example 1: 4 people Friday and the booker is not a member = 400 DKK

Price example 2: 5 people Thursday and the booker is a member =  300 DKK

*Reservations for children under 12 years cost 50 DKK pr. child, regardless of day and member status.

**The tab cannot be split and is paid by the booker. You have to leave a driver’s license, pass port or credit card in the bar as a deposit.

We often have volunteer game gurus helping everyone out with rules and game recommendations, but if you want to book a dedicated Game Guru exclusively for your group, this is possible for 333 DKK pr. guru pr. hour (min. 1 hour). We recommend 1 Guru pr. 10 persons.

If the dedicated Guru(s) should know specific games or genre of games or be able to speak Danish, please say so in the comments.

The Guru is booked from the time the reservation starts unless other is asked for in the comments.

The reservation and Guru fee are paid upon arrival or put on the tab.

All reservations are binding. In case of cancelation, a reservation has to be canceled the day before before 12.00, or else the fee has to be paid.

If you have questions before completing the form, please send a mail to (allow us the 7 days to reply here as well)

NOTE: completing the form or sending a mail is not a booking, only a request or questions.

Fields marked with * are required.

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