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We want to make sure you know what a booking means at the Bastard Café to avoid misunderstanding and confusing, because a booking at Bastard Café is not like a booking other places. It’s especially important to read the fine print about you might have to give your first born to the Bastard Café.

Otherwise just fill out the form below.

We reserve the rights to give the table away if you are more than 15 minutes late. In this case the booking fee is forfeit.

IMPORTANT!: If the “Book now” button further down is inactive it means your requests are unavailable. Choose another day, time and/or less people.

By clicking “Book now” you declare that you know the full content of the description found here.

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Game Gurus

Add one or more dedicated Game Gurus to your reservation.
Please read more about dedicated Game Gurus here (scrolls down the page).
Gurus are booked for minimum one hour. We cannot guarantee a guru if the guru is booked less than 7 days ahead.

Open a bar tab?

Would you like to open a bar tab for the duration of your visit? In Danish a “tab” is a “samlet regning”.
The bar tab cannot be split and is paid by the booker. You have to leave a driver’s license, passport or credit card in the bar as a deposit.

Comments for the bartenders?

If you have further information or other requests please write a message. You can wish for a specific area in the café, but it’s not always we can guarantee it. Resevervations that requires multiple tables will always be seated as close to each other as possible.

Please notice that this message will not be read before the day of the booking. So if you have some questions you need an answer to before the day of the booking or before you book, please write an email to

Info or questions for the guru(s)

If you have booked one or more gurus and have requests, info or questions for the gurus, you can write them here. This is also where you write if the guru(s) should be able to talk Danish.
NOTICE: This will only be read if one or more gurus have been booked.

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To make a reservation, just follow these few steps

  • fill out the form below (remember to select end time – even though it says 6 hours you can stay as little or as long as you want)
  • press “Book now”
  • press “View cart”
  • press “Proceed to checkout”
  • fill out the information form and the credit card form
  • press “Place order” and you have made the reservation and payed online for the reservation fee

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If you haven’t booked a table at Bastard Café before, we recommend you to read about the prices and what a reservation includes and what other options you have below. NOTICE that reservation is an extra service we provide for a fee, and it is not a deposit. You do not get the money back (but do get a bar voucher and free access to all our games).

If you are in a hurry there’s a few highlights from the description below here:

  • Choose between
    • UPSTAIRS (bookable all week – closes at midnight Sun-Thu and at 02.00 Fri-Sat)
    • DOWNSTAIRS (bookable Tue-Sun – closes at midnight Tue-Sun)
    • AWESOME GAME TABLE UPSTAIRS (bookable all week, 4-6 people, 50 DKK in security deposit per person – same closing hours as Upstairs)
  • Prices for reservation: Per person 80 DKK Mon-Thu, 100 DKK Fri-Sun and on holidays and vacation days.
    • Note: There is a 20% discount on the whole reservation for members of Bastard Café. Make sure to have an active membership before booking to get the discount. Get it here: Buy Membership.
  • Minimum reservation: 4 people – Maximum reservation Upstairs: 30 people – Maximum reservation Downstairs: 10 people
  • Bar voucher for selected items in the bar for each person is included in the reservation
  • Free gaming all day of all our 3000+ games is included
  • Choose guru(s) (optional): 333 DKK per guru per hour

Reservation of specific games is not possible.


Notice that if you make a booking, this has to be made no later than 23.00 the day before you want to book.

You do not need to make a reservation to play games at Bastard Café. Just pop by. We have lots of free games and some that cost a bit. So only read on if you are planning an event or get together that needs, well, more planning than “just show up and see what happens”.

We never reserve more than 20%* of our tables for bookings, so you can always just pop by. We’re a busy place, so if it’s super important to get a seat we recommend you book well in advance.

You can make reservations in the classic Bastard Café (known as Upstairs, open all days) or Downstairs (not open Mondays).

You also have the opportunity to book our Awesome Gaming Table from GeekNSon (see it here) for 4-6 people in the Lounge (for the table you have to pay a deposit on top of the booking price. This deposit you’ll of course get back if the table is not destroyed after use).

Reservations are for a minimum of 4 persons.

At Bastard Café we run a first come, first-seated basis regarding table space. You never need to book in advance to get a table. Just swing by and look for one. Or check out which are our busy hours on Google first to get an idea of how easy it will be to find a table. We never reserve more than 20% of the tables to keep the place as open as possible for walk-ins, but we are indeed a busy place. Especially in weekends. So apply patience or show up earlier than you think.

However, a lot of our guests ask us about making a reservation, so we now accept a very limited number of reservations for groups of four or more.

All reservations are binding. In case of cancelation, a reservation has to be canceled no later than the day before at 12.00, or else the booking fee is forfeit.

We reserve the rights to give the table away if you are more than 15 minutes late. In this case the booking fee is forfeit.

If you have questions before completing the form, please send a mail to (allow us up till 7 days to reply)

*20% is currently 30 seats Upstairs and 10 seats Downstairs.


Reservations cost 80 DKK per person Mon-Thu and 100 DKK Fri-Sun and holidays and in vacations (if you book as a member you get a 20% discount on all booked seats)* and includes:

  • Seating and free gaming all day
  • Option for a dedicated Game Guru
  • And a voucher for each person to exchange in the bar for a cup of tea or coffee, a bottle beer (Carlsberg or Tuborg Classic), a bottle of soda or lemonade, a muffin, or a cookie.

*Reservations for children under 12 years cost 50 DKK pr. child, regardless of day and member status. Please note in the comments if any children and how many in the comments. The price difference will be reimbursed at the café when arriving.

Dedicated Guru

Our dedicated Game Gurus can introduce you to many of the games in our selection, and guide you through the rules. A Game Guru costs 333 DKK per hour.

We often have volunteer game gurus helping everyone out with rules and game recommendations, but if you want to book a dedicated Game Guru exclusively for your group, this is possible for 333 DKK pr. guru pr. hour (min. 1 hour). We recommend 1 Guru pr. 10 persons.

If the dedicated Guru(s) should know specific genre of games or be able to speak Danish, please say so in the comments. We can’t guarantee that the guru know the rules to a specific game, but then the guru will try to find something similar. And even though the guru might know the rules for a specific game, we might not have it or it might not be available if other guests are playing it. Games can unfortunately not be reserved.

The Guru is booked from the time the reservation starts unless other is asked for in the comments.

Please notice if you would like a Game Guru we cannot guarantee a guru unless you book at least 7 days ahead, but we will try our very best to get a guru. And in very busy periods we might not be able to find a guru. If we don’t succeed in getting a guru you will be reimbursed the guru fee, when you arrive at the café.


The text in fine print:
You will never have to give your first born to the Bastard Café. That was just something we wrote to make you read the description 🙂

Go back to the booking form.