Gold Support: IGOR Plushy + 300 DKK Giftcard + Shiny Pin

DKK 500,00



You will get a plushy of our mascot ‘IGOR – Guardian Of Games’  + a 300 DKK Giftcard + a limited edition shiny pin.

We are asking for your support, for over 5 years Bastard Café have been spreading fun, community and the joy of boardgames in Copenhagen but in only a few short months that Covid-19 has been spreading itself it has sent the world into isolation forcing us and many others to close our doors. We fully expect to reopen soon so instead of asking for donations we are asking for you to buy this support ticket that can be exchanged for an IGOR Plushy + 300 DKK giftcard to use in the café that can be used to buy anything we sell: Coffee, drinks, memberships, food, new games etc.

Once bought, you redeem your support ticket and get your stuff by going physically to Bastard Café once we’re open and showing the mail you’ll get.

All can be redeemed from the day we open again and before 3 years after this date. You will also receive one of our limited edition shiny pins so you can proudly display your support for us.

Note: We have 400 limited edition shiny pins left. We give these away until we have no more. If you redeem your ticket it at a point where we have no more pins left, then we can’t give you a pin, but you have our eternal gratitude instead (you’ll still get the rest of the stuff of course).