Number of players
2 - 8 players
Average duration


The purpose of Trafik is to teach primarily children age 6-14 how to travel safely through traffic.

Each player or team (of up to 2 players) gets a car that is moved around the board through dice rolls. If the player lands on a blue square he rolls again.

Other squares require the player to answer a question about traffic to proceed. The questions are divided into 3 age-appropriate difficulties: 6-12 years, 12-18 years and 18 years and above. There are 2 questions in each difficulty on each of the 90 playing cards. Which one is used is decided by whether the dice roll was even or uneven. On a correct answer you get to go again – a wrong answer ends your turn.

Finally there are squares that move you further on the board or ends your turn.

Each time a player crosses start he is awarded a traffic-sign. The first player to collect 4 wins.

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