Opening in Valby on the 29th of September!

Three Cheers for Master

Published 2015
Type Game
Number of players 2 - 6 players
Average duration 40 mins.
Complexity Low
Bookcase: 202 Shelf: 10


Master has been blue lately. It’s just not the same now that all lands known to evil have been conquered — and when Master’s blue, it’s the minions who suffer.

As a lieutenant in Master’s army — a foreminion — it falls to you to cheer him up. Not the easiest task, even in the best of times. But then it hit you: What better way to cheer Master up than a cheerleading competition?

Whichever foreminion builds and scales the most impressive tower of war-hungry minions in Three Cheers for Master will surely win Master’s heart. What could possibly go wrong?

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