Opening in Valby on the 29th of September!

Spørgsmål fra Helvede!

Published 2022
Type Game
Number of players 3 - 99 players
Average duration 60 mins.
Complexity No complexity set.
Location This title has not been given a location yet.


Questions from Hell!

A game about both getting to know each other, by answering more or less personal questions, and about teasing or trolling each other.

The active player (the Angel) select a question from the table, and writes down and read aloud a truthful answer to the question.

Then each other player (the Devils), select a question from their hand. The selected questions are shuffled and the Angel reads out the questions, answering with the previous written answer.

After all questions are read aloud, the Angels select the best/funniest/rudest/worst/etc. question, and the Devil submitting that question gets a point token.

The Angels submits one question to the middle of the table, and all used questions are replaced with new questions from the stack.

The next player clockwise becomes the new Angel, and play continues until one player has 5 point tokens.

—description from the rulebook (translated)

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