Type Missing

Memo Games: Disney Winnie the Pooh

Number of players
- players
Average duration
No complexity set.


This game entry is a catch-all for games where some scrap of data exists – a picture in a catalog, or the game box itself – but for which not enough information is known for the game to be added to the BGG database. This entry serves as a repository for images and information for BGG users who want to research these games toward the goal of gathering enough information to include them in the database.

To participate, you can:

Upload images of unidentified games to this page.
Start a thread for a particular unidentified game, including whatever information you might have.
Visit the Unidentified Games Geeklist for an overview of games currently being researched.

Please help if you can!

Also a useful catch all for gamers listing their games played but where they have insufficient information to recall which actual game it was.

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