Opening in Valby on the 29th of September!

Last Stand

Published 2018
Type Game
Number of players 2 - 4 players
Average duration 30 mins.
Complexity Low
Shelf: 871


Last Stand – The Board Game Where Your Power Grows As You Lose

Do you have someone who keeps telling you they don’t want to play games because they keep losing. This is the game for them! As you get attacked you get more cards to use to fight back! This game has

Easy for families to play together
Quick to learn
Tension building to the very end
Players can participate through the entire game
Great for new board gamers
With art by cartoonist Chris McCoy this game stands up and shouts to be played with!

2-4 Players | Game Length: 15-30 minutes | Ages: 8 and older

—description from the publisher

How to Win
Win by being the last player with cards on the board.

General Gameplay
1. Players start with 18 cards they setup on the board in 6 columns.
2. Each turn one player starts with 3 dice and rolls them.
3. The player attacks other players by placing the dice on the columns of other players.
4. Cards can be played to change the outcome of the attack.
5. At the end of the turn you pick up any cards that were attacked and can use them in the future.

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