Number of players
2 - 6 players
Average duration
No complexity set.


LÆST (“READ”) is a game for everybody who loves literature. Mostly about Danish literature from present times and 100 years back, but LÆST also reaches further back and further out in the world. LÆST contains questions about everything from the poets of avant-garde to the biographies of sports idols and treats all books with respect – and lack thereof – for the world of literature is not only intelligent and exciting – it can also be petty, elitist and banal. READ is for young and old, and the really old can join in too!

Everyone gets a piece that starts in the start field, and the one whose first name comes first in the alphabet starts.

You roll the die, which goes from 1-3, and move the number of spaces rolled, then you have to answer a category’s question, all depending on which place you landed on.

If you answer correctly, you get to roll and move again. If you answer incorrectly, the turn goes on to the next player.

If you land on a question field, the other players jointly decide which category to answer before they have read the question on the card. If you answer correctly, you must move an opponent two steps back and get a roll and move again. If you answer incorrectly, you take two steps back.

If you land on a hypnosis field, the journey continues to the next player.

There are four different categories of questions:
Forfatterliv (Authors life), Set og Hørt (Seen and Heard), Rundt om bogen (Around the book), and LÆST (READ where the start of a book is read aloud).

—description from the publisher (translated)

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