# of players
2 - 8 players
20 mins.
No complexity set.
No location info set.


Shuffle the cards and deal them equally to each player. Place your packs of cards number down in front of you. The starting player turns the top card of his pack and puts it down face-up in front of the pack. The turn continues clockwise. Next time the starting player is on turn he places his turned card on top of the one already exposed. If you turn a card showing one higher or one lower than any top card turned by another player, place it on the top of that card. Go on until it does not fit. When a card number 1 is turned, place it in the middle of the table. As soon as card number two is turned place it on the one.Build up the packs in ascending order, otherwise according to the rules. If a card fits more than one pack first try the packs in the middle. If a player fails to notice the possibility of placing a card he is a Donkey and he has to accept one card from each player. The winner is the player who gets rid of his cards first.