DVD Sudoku

Number of players
1 - 4 players
Average duration
45 mins.
Bookcase #509
Shelf #4


This version of Sudoku comes with a DVD. The tiles are double-sided: one side has traditional numbers, the other side has symbols for slightly different experience.

Place the board in the middle of the table. The board shows an empty Sudoku puzzle. In the box there are the numbered tiles.

Start the DVD an choose from the menu which variant you want to play.
In the classic mode, the screen shows the startposition. Or you can choose a variant where only the numbers 1 to 9 are placed once.
When it’s your turn, push ‘enter’ on the remote control, place a tile, and push ‘menu’. The other players can comment your placement. If the active player placed a tile on the wrong place, he/she gets penalty time. The turn is moved to the next player.

When a puzzle is solved (or cannot be solved any futher) choose çup’ from the menu. All the players can see what their time is. The fastest player wins the game.

The other side of the tiles can be used to play with different colors instead of numbers. There are also chips included. When the timer reaches 30 minutes, it starts over from zero. To remind the players that half a hour is passed they can use the chips.

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