Number of players
3 - 6 players
Average duration
20 mins.
Bookcase #60
Shelf #6


Zebra-Schwein will have your children committing unspeakably horrible genetic experiments in the comfort and safety of their own home.

No, actually Zebra-Schwein only has children draw unspeakably horrible genetic experiments, specifically the combination of two animals as determined by a secret die roll. To set up the game, lay out the six animal tiles in a circle; each tile shows a die face next to the animal: zebra is 1, mouse is 2, etc.

On a turn, a player secretly rolls two dice in a cup, rerolling if necessary to get different results on each die. The player then starts to draw one animal that has features of both animals rolled, say, a zebeera or a pifrog. When any of the other players think they know what is being drawn, they grab the grunting plastic zebra-schwein and give their answer. If wrong, that player is out for the round; if correct, that player and the drawer each win an animal card. Then the next player clockwise starts a new round.

Whoever collects the most animal cards wins!

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