And Now For Something Completely Different… The Board Game

Number of players
2 - 6 players
Average duration
60 mins.
No complexity set.
No location info set.


The game plays like Snake & Ladders on Spam.

Players line their markers on the “It’s” starting space, roll the die, move forward and try to reach the last space, an illustration of the Python foot. Should a marker land on certain spaces (rose stems and very long, Terry Gilliam-cartoon-like, winding arms), it goes backwards or forwards a certain number of spaces. A pretty simple, straightforward fare up until now, right? Right!
Now the Pythonian fun begins… Several spaces along the track are special and come in three different varieties: Task, Trivia and Character Type.

Task spaces require the active player to draw a Task card and perform the task described on it (e.g. Explain your theory on spontaneous combustion in which must be included goats, a kettle, Venus, a jelly babies and a sock with a hole in it). The other players then vote on the active player’s performance and, should the vote be positive, he gets an Award card (more on them later).

Trivia spaces require another player other than the active player do draw a Trivia card and read the Python-related question on it. If the answer is correct, another Award card is given.

Character types spaces have, well… character types on them (e.g. Canadian lumberjack, Spanish waiter, etc.) which the active player must take on as a persona until his next turn. If the other players decide he didn’t put in enough of an effort, they can just move his marker back to the starting space…

Finally, the Award cards. Apart from some flavor, most of these cards serve no other purpose other than being able to display your proud array of awards. The ones that do have game text on them require the player to perform some sort of task until the end of the game to keep the award.

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