Food and drink

food and coffee

Coffee is our thing, but not the only thing we do

We love our COFFEE. A lot. And we hope you will too. We roast our own coffee beans and are at the moment building an espresso machine from scratch. So we put a lot of work and love into making you a good cup of black. Expect high quality coffee served with soul.

If you’re more into TEA, don’t despair. We’ve got you covered. One of our partners is Østerlandsk Thehus from where we get all our teas. This means that we normally sport around 20 different blends.

The BEERS and CIDERS we don’t make ourselves though. But they are still cold, refreshing and plentiful. And if you’re feeling peckish, try our BAR FOOD. Some prefer the nachos, others are more into triple-decker-double-cheese-double-meat toast (aka “The Big Bastard Toast of Doom”) or our vinegar fries.

Whatever you want – we have it. Unless we don’t have it.
(fair enough. That that might be a shitty slogan. Unless it’s served with a smile…which it is. Just like our food’n’drinks).

In any case, check OUR MENU.