Bastard TV

We sometimes goof around with a camera to show you a bit of the new games we’re getting, whenever we’re getting them – and sometimes just because we feel like it. Yes, yes, yes, we know. The quality could be better and our accent is clearly “Danglish” at times, but heck, we hope they’ll keep you informed or otherwise entertained anyhow 😉 See our most recent video below.

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Gurus Recommend

We have alot of awesome Boardgame Gurus here at the café and they love nothing more than recommending great games for people to play. You can check some of the games out below.

New games

Once a month or so we run through what games have arrived for the café’s shelves, and other stuff we think you might find mildly interesting.

The Bastards go to SPIEL 2017

Every year Bastard Café is organizing a trip to the board game fair “Spiel” in Essen, Germany. We plan the trip for a lot of fellow geeks and stay at the same hotel and have fun. This year we were about 80 people going there. We do it to give people an opportunity to experience the board game madness that is Spiel, but also to get a lot of games home for the café. In these few videos we quickly run through what games we got home for the café this year.

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