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We live in Huset-KBH in Copenhagen together with lots of other creative and wonderful venues. The café is situated on the ground floor, just through the main entrance.


Bastard Café
Rådhusstræde 13
1466 København K.

Please note that Bastard Café is a non-smoking cafe. This include the use of e-cigarettes/vaporizers. Smoking outside in the court yard is permitted, except next to the open doors.

Cats and dogs are allowed as long as they are in a leash and do not pose a discomfort for other guests.


General questions:
(do not use this mail for reservation requests. They will not be answered. Use only the formula on our reservation page)


Please use the formula on our reservation page

NOTE: We offer only limited table reservations, since we want to keep as large a part of our 300 square meters of gaming space as accessible to all, as possible. Instead we’re running on a first-come, first-seated basis regarding table space. Most days this won’t pose a problem for you, since we do have a lot of space, but expect weekends to be very busy. At these days there can be some waiting time for a free table, but fear not – we usually manage to fit people in.

If you are a larger group (10+ people) and are planning to visit us in the weekends, we recommend that you come early.


If you want to make an event at the café or get some of our Gurus with a pile of games to your event outside the café, please contact us to hear more.


We are always seeking for new gurus to our family. So if you want to be one of our beloved volunteer gurus, send us an email and let us know.

You can read more in our Guru Charter.


Note: We are not looking for new staff at the moment, but you’re welcome to send us your resume, and if something comes up we’ll get back to you.


+45 42 74 66 42

Note: We do not take any reservations over the phone. If you like to reserve a table then go to our reservation page.